Call to schedule your Springtime Chimney Sweep

As the weather warms up and the summer months are approaching don’t let the fireplace and chimney fall off your radar.  The spring and summertime is actually a great time to get your chimney cleaned.  Here are some reasons to get your chimney serviced now.

springtime cleaning

Top Reasons for Spring Chimney Cleanings

  • Get ahead of the game.  It is much easier to get a scheduled appointment that works for your schedule.  As the fall and winter come around you can sit back and fire up the fireplace with no worries.
  • Chimney Inspections are easier.  After a winter of ice, snow and other winter elements it is always recommended you have an inspection.  In the spring you are less likely to use this chimney and it gives more time for repair work.
  • Eliminate the odor.  As the creosote builds up in the chimney a bad odor can come into your house.  The deadly combination of heat, humidity and the air conditioning can cause a downdraft. Cleaning the chimney can eliminate the smell before it gets really bad.
  • Cost effective.  On most occasions, companies will lower their cleaning prices for the spring and summer.

If you are interested in getting your chimney cleaned this spring please give Piccadilly Square Chimney Sweeps a call at 410-879-6813 .

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