Using your Chimney on Damp Spring Days

Damp Spring Days

Spring Fireplace

Fireplaces are still great to use during some of those frequent damp spring days. Those beautiful spring days when the weather is nice also comes with evenings that are cold. A small fire in the fireplace can take the chill off the nighttime air.Sometimes fireplaces smoke more than usual on cold, damp spring days and this presents a challenge causing smokey chimneys.

Cold, wet fireplace flue

Wet chimney flues are much harder to heat than dry chimney flues. This is because it takes an enormous amount of heat to convert water to steam. The water absorbs so much heat that the flue doesn’t warm up effectively. The tall column of cold air in the flue wants to sink, drawing smoke into the house.

Try pre-heating, or priming the flue. Sometimes, by pre-heating the flue with the priming technique, you will overcome the problem.

Other things that will help include a good chimney cap to help keep water out of the flue, and a water-repellent treatment for the exterior masonry work.

A word about water repellents: Don’t use a foundation or masonry sealer on chimneys. Burning wood creates moisture, and the chimney needs to “breathe,” to allow the moisture to escape. Sealers lock this moisture in, causing gradual damage to the structure. Instead, use a vapor-permeable water repellent designed for use on masonry surfaces. Ask your local Piccadilly Square Chimney professional for a quote. You can call 410-879-6813 or click here to fill out our

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