Responsible Wood Burning Tips

We offer the following tips on responsible wood burning and encourages people to utilize new wood burning technology and make changes in burning habits to reduce excessive wood smoke in an effort to help protect air quality:

People with older wood stoves and fireplace inserts should consider changing out to EPA certified wood burning appliances. Replacing an older appliance with EPA certified wood burning technology can cut wood smoke emissions by up to 85 percent.

Responsible Wood Burning Tips:

Upgrade Existing Traditional Fireplaces with EPA-Certified Fireplace Inserts:

People with traditional fireplaces can reduce their emissions significantly by adding an EPA certified wood burning fireplace insert.

Add a Low Emission Fireplace or Masonry Heater: There are wood burning fireplaces sold today that are as clean burning as EPA certified appliances. A masonry heater is another wood burning appliances that produces minimal smoke and helps protect winter air quality.

Use Seasoned Firewood: Choosing the right firewood is critical whether or not a person uses new wood burning technology. Well seasoned firewood can make a big difference in the amount of smoke a fire produces.

For Responsible wood burning, start a Fire with Fire Starter: Independent research indicates that using a fire starter to start a fire in a wood stove can cut particulate emissions by more than 69 percent.

Build Small, Hot Fires: Using small pieces of wood can help produce fires that burn hotter which results in less smoke.

Use Manufactured Firelogs: Made from wax and sawdust or just sawdust, manufactured firelogs produce significantly less emissions than firewood. Wax and sawdust firelogs are for use in fireplaces only, while sawdust only firelogs can be burned in a fireplace, stove or fireplace insert.

Schedule Regular Maintenance By Your Chimney Sweep: Keep your wood burning heating system in good working order with regular maintenance by a qualified professional chimney sweep. Regularly maintained EPA-certified wood stoves, which had heated homes for nearly ten years, performed like new in a recent study. Many chimney sweeps will be happy to schedule your future appointments a year or two in advance.